in light of recent events I'd like to share some things that helped me out and hopefully will be beneficial to all of you
  1. cry
  2. listen to music
    it's been proven by SCIENCE that breakup songs are the best songs
  3. don't live in denial
  4. don't check their social media
  5. keep distracted
  6. talk about it with someone
  7. write out your feelings in a journal
  8. play music
  9. don't find excuses to talk to them
  10. give it space. it's probably not the best idea to try to be friends before you've had time apart
  11. take care of yourself
  12. reclaim your favourite things
    you probably shared your favourite movie, song, or tv show with your person but remember that it's something you're interested in and just because it reminds you of them that doesn't mean you need to steer clear forever
  13. rebound
    make sure you don't lead anyone on and you're completely honest about your situation. don't jump into a new relationship when you're not over your previous one because that's the shittiest thing someone could do
  14. remember that you were fine before that person came along and you will be after