throughout my childhood and actually my whole life I've always been obsessed with at least one singer/band/movie/book franchise
  1. high school musical
    this was definitely the defining phase of my childhood. I had all the hsm merch you could think of. my email was hsm2lover_97 and I still get called out for it to this day :/
  2. justin bieber
    I hated him until I saw the music video for baby. and fell in love when I saw the music video for somebody to love at a school dance
  3. taylor swift
    it all started when speak now came out in 2010. a year later on my 14th birthday I went to her speak now concert in toronto and it was magical
  4. harry potter
    didn't become obsessed with harry potter until before the last movie came out. talk about being late to the party. but anyways, I read all the books and rewatched all the movies and it's been my favourite franchise since then
  5. one direction
    oh boy this was a big one. basically spanned the entire time I was in high school. obviously not as obsessed anymore but I still have love for them
  6. /indie music/
    grade 9 was when I had my "indie awakening". I was pretty much obsessed with every song on those popular indie songza playlists
  7. vampire weekend
    this was kind of my last big phase where I was really obsessed with said band. I saw them in concert in 2013 a few days after mvotc was released and about a year and a month after that in 2014. definitely still like them more than I should but waiting for some new material. *whispers* lp4