constantly updating this as I watch more tv (which is always)
  1. master of none
    aziz ansari's new netflix original. I was seriously lacking some aziz in my life since parks ended but this show resolved that problem! so funny and relevant and indian representation on television always gets me lit. really love that his real life parents played his on screen parents. they make it much more genuine and remind me of my parents at times
  2. fresh off the boat
    clever, hilarious, and some of the best representation of asian americans I've seen in a while!
  3. how to get away with murder
    lots of lies, deceit, and sex. what more do you need?
  4. the walking dead
    this season has been amazing so far!!
  5. the mindy project
    such a hassle having to watch it online because hulu isn't available in canada. but the new season is still great!
  6. louie
    I used to dislike louis ck but after watching the first four seasons, I'm practically in love with him. in my opinion, this show is one of the more genuine shows on tv today. it's always pointing out subtle things about life that you never quite think about. I like that it doesn't sugar coat life either. it shows you how depressing life can be and not everything works out in louie's favour. you think you're gonna watch some goofy comedy but louie ends up being so much more
  7. jessica jones
    I was very skeptical to watch this because I think the whole marvel superhero tv show was way overdone. anyways, the show ended up being amazing! it's not super over the top like other superhero shows. krysten ritter is a flawless lead and david tennant makes you wonder how you can still find a psychopath so charming. it kept my heart racing and made my jaw drop several times. would highly recommend!
  8. transparent
    such a great show with a magical score. it's completely deserving of all the awards it receives. the lead actor plays a trans woman but isn't trans irl but the show features many trans actors which is great. a really revolutionary tv show
  9. mr. robot
    basically fight club with more coding involved. I haven't been this mind blown by a tv show since breaking bad so needless to say, it was phenomenal
  10. rick and morty
    my brother had been trying to get me to watch this for so long and I finally got around to it and was pleasantly surprised! the show is so witty and vulgar with colourful visuals. it makes you wish you had a grandpa like rick
  11. love
    it's a new netflix original rom com tv show created by judd apatow. if that doesn't get you interested I don't know what will? the show was funny and relatable and featured mostly new faces in the cast (besides gillian jacobs). very short and easy to binge watch. the only thing bad about it was the last scene that kind of leaves you hanging!!