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  1. I hate having my hair on my face; I always have it tied up at home.
  2. I have not gone on a train, camping, hiking, and a bunch of other normal people things.
  3. I hate the idea of giving someone a flower/s to show your appreciation of them.
    Is it really smart to show someone you like them by giving them something that dies in a week or two?
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In no particular order, maybe?
  1. Shameless (U.S.)
  2. How To Get Away With Murder
  3. Orange is The New Black
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I will keep on adding to this list as time goes by and I will keep on editing as always.
  1. Between
    Between. I've always been between. Between tall and short; light and dark. Between Filipino and American. Stuck in the tides of the Pacific Ocean, pulling me apart, like how the peninsulares tore the multicolored bark cloth and replaced it with something more "decent". Now, they wear donated cotton t-shirts held together by rubber bands. "As quick to break as their bones", said the white man.
  2. Woven Scratches
    These tiger stripes that lie upon my thighs have a story that goes something like this, two spirits battle day and night just beneath the epidermis. One begins with a prayer of "Lord, please let me be thin, please let the cotton balls take enough space to erase this chubby face." The other slithers sliders till it feels the depth of regret. 16 years and the clock is still going, but neither lose. The amount of destruction on the battle ground leaves pale roots to the heart of the armory.
  3. Ate
    Abandon the old, adopt the new. Assimilate. Appreciate. Acculturate. And DON'T forget to accentuate the ate to show the world you just swallowed the new Merriam Webster dictionary, "2,000 new words! Clear and Precise", because there is nothing more accurate than to abdicate your first date. Your first date that will always alienate you from the others, but the same first date that taught you your first words don't need to be rotten, just not forgetten.