Stuff I Want You to Know

  1. I hate having my hair on my face; I always have it tied up at home.
  2. I have not gone on a train, camping, hiking, and a bunch of other normal people things.
  3. I hate the idea of giving someone a flower/s to show your appreciation of them.
    Is it really smart to show someone you like them by giving them something that dies in a week or two?
  4. I love crunchy food.
  5. Sometimes, when I'm really frustrated, I just bite my arm while crying.
  6. I have attached earlobes
  7. I love chicken cooked in almost every way.
  8. I'm more of a writer than a reader.
  9. I'm good at school stuff and I worry that that's all I'll ever be good at.
  10. College scares the living shit out me.
  11. I really dislike Amy Schumer.
  12. I want to be friends with popular people from my school when I see them online, but they're really boring in real life.
  13. I have a sensitive nose and I only like certain smells on me; therefore, I feel overwhelmed going to stores with several scents. Also, I'm too scared to change my perfume.
  14. I hate my hair, always have always will.
  15. I can't stop biting my nails for the life of me.
  16. I want a sun hat.
  17. I don't own a single pair of swimwear, that being said, I have not been to the beach in 3 years.
  18. I wear the same watch everyday.
    It doesn't even have numbers, suck on that Apple Watch.
  19. I have a fear of becoming blind.
  20. I love milkshakes.
  21. I am a meticulous person and will do something for an hour that can be done in minutes.
  22. I don't have a favorite color because I feel bad for all the other colors.
  23. I love steak.
  24. I am really passionate about people knowing that there is still racial inequality.
  25. I hate Philippine media.
  26. I keep things and turn them into other things, not better things, just things.
  27. I'm 5"5.5.
  28. I like wearing socks to sleep.
  29. I deleted 8 tracks because people are really bad at naming what genre their playlists are.