2017 resolutions

Last year I vowed to wear everything in my closet at least once, and I couldn't wear the same outfit twice. I made it to April and then got distracted. Major achievement TBH. Here are the other things I'm going to try to do this year:
  1. I won't be an outfit repeater
    Not as bad as an outfit rememberer, but I'd like to put the joy back in getting dressed. I really just hate the morning.
  2. I will give up Diet Coke
    Unless I'm at the movies
  3. I'll write down my friends' addresses and birthdays
    I'm sick of asking for the sixth time what your address is or almost forgetting your birthday. I'm going to write it down.
  4. I'll learn to clean my shoes
    I have more than 60 pairs of shoes I should know how to clean them, particularly brushing my suede flats, polishing my leather boots and fixing my rubber boots that have been relegated to the garage.
  5. I'll learn to cook three dishes
    One of which will be made in a crockpot. The other two have to be things I've never made before.
  6. I'll shop better/smarter
    While yes my glittery Kate Spade shoes get me hella compliments, I will be more picky with what I buy.