Celeb spottings in my first year in New York*

*This was the first year I spent more time in New York City than anywhere else, including my home. Still not a resident.
  1. Jake Gyllenhaal, actor
    Soul Cycle. Even with a mustache he's mega hot.
  2. Terry Richardson, photographer
    Soul Cycle. Put his pants on next to me. Google him if you don't think that is HILARIOUS
  3. Matthew Broderick, actor
    Women's National Republican Club. Was speaking at an event that my dad catered. Just wanted some lunch but saw SJP's husband instead.
  4. Aziz Ansari, comedian
    Olive Tree. Sat in the corner probably working on his jokes for a surprise stand up show later that night.
  5. Amy Astley, editor
    Physique 57. Took a barre class with her.
  6. Michael Che, comedian
    Olive Tree. Passed by me, said excuse me as I pulled my chair in. He thanked me.
  7. Past the 1-year mark: the dude who plays Desi on GIRLS outside my Pilates studio