And the founder @aliciamcelhaney!
  1. The low down
    Every Friday at 8 am, your inbox gets the gift of financial knowledge in the form of a newsletter written by and for women.
  2. The goal?
    To close the wage gap, investing gap and board seat gap. One gal at a time.
  3. Why?
    White women make about 80 cents on the dollar — more or less — compared to a man. And it gets worse for women of color. It will take Latina women ELEVEN extra months to make what a white man makes in a year. But OK, you probably knew this. She Spends wants to help you invest your money and seize your purchasing power.
  4. Cool, cool, cool
    It is cool! She Spends updates its website on Mondays, so subscribers get exclusive content before everyone else.
  5. What else do you do?
    We're in the process of creating NYC-based events, building an ambassador program and starting a podcast!
  6. Where do I sign up?!
    We thought you would never ask!!! Head to for more deets
  7. While you're at it, get to know She Spends founder Alicia