The best clothes I ever bought

I buy a lot of dumb crap. These are my favorites
  1. Theyskens Theory wrap skirt
    I scored the utility garment for $40 at a sample sale near Penn Station. I've worn it to every IRL job or internship interview. If I need a professional outfit, it's the first thing I pick out of my closet.
  2. A navy cashmere cardigan from Free People
    I bought this in 2009 after saving up my money from bussing tables. My mother yelled at me for spending $200 on a sweater, but it was — and still is — the softest thing ever. Seven years later, it has tears and holes and missing buttons (and even spent a week at the Angelika Film Center) but I love it. Cost per wear is definitely not at $2, but I will have it until it's a pile of thread.
  3. Black T-shirt dress from the Gap
    I wear this everywhere: in the rain or on a train, with a goat or on a boat. Cost per wear: cents on the dollar.
  4. Margaux flats
    I have black ballet flats and beige pointy suede flats from this NYC company. I read about their Hamptons pop-up shop in The New York Times, so I scheduled a visit at their Flatiron District location the next week. Wearing those shoes are like walking on clouds. They have foam padding and are handmade. I will never buy another pair of flats elsewhere ever again.
  5. Equipment blouse
    Matches was having a major sale when I was in South Africa, and I NEEDED this black floral blouse. It was $80!!! They were basically giving them away. My mother yelled at me (are you sensing a trend?) so I shipped it to my college boyfriend's apartment. I made him take it out of its packaging and show it to me via video chat to determine if it would fit. When I'm feeling fancy I wear it. (GIF is actual image of me freaking out when I saw it on video chat.)
  6. This is just a brag
    I bought furry Stuart Weitzman heels for $99 one time, and a Elizabeth and James dress for $19.99. Both were retailed at about $350. Probably my best bargains to date.
  7. Donald J. Pliner calfskin loafers
    I bought these furry loafers on sale at Bloomingdale's outlet store and have worn them so much I made physical holes in my shoes. I've paid for them to be fixed so many times, and will continue to do so until they are bald and need to be thrown out. Long live my gross furry loafers. Cents per wear at this point + cost of repairs.
  8. Floral romper from Cotton On
    I have worn that romper for four years and it is my favorite summer/going out outfit. I have never found a romper as perfect as that one. Cost per wear is pennies on the dollar.
  9. Desmond and Dempsey pajamas
    I bought these the day of Brexit because I thought the drop in the pound would make them cheaper (they did not). I love them regardless. They are white and green and have PINEAPPLES on them and my initials. The perfect Florida-in-winter pajamas. Cost: embarrassingly expensive.
  10. The holy grail: my Burberry trench coat
    My most expensive purchase to date (besides, like, my car and a college degree). I tried on the rain jacket at Nordstrom and went back three days later to purchase it. I was making $300/week at The Jersey Journal, and knew I could pay for it within a month. So I bought it on my credit card and hid it in my closet until it was fully paid for. On the drive home, I left Jamie a very disturbing voicemail about my buy. Best decision I ever made. If it's not freezing or warm out, I wear that coat.