Things I hate

Lite edition
  1. Throw pillows
    Don't get me started.
  2. Cheese
    No, I don't even eat pizza. Yes I've tried it before.
  3. Knickknacks
    They occupy so much space.
  4. Snow
    It's pretty until I'm forced to walk in slush and my feet get wet and I want to DIE. I like sledding and whatnot but only for a short amount of time — or after my feet get wet.
  5. The cold
    I'll flee to warmer lands.
  6. Cats
    They creep me out.
  7. Zoos
    The giraffe at the Bronx Zoo made me cry because it was sad and lonely.
  8. Scary movies
    I'll have night terrors for weeks, even if it was a dumb scary movie.
  9. Jeff Daniels' Emmy for the Newsroom
    An abomination.
  10. Decaf coffee
    Get the fuck away from me.