1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    There is nothing that makes me feel more insignificant than being surrounded by 5000-year-old relics of lost and lasting societies. It's my favorite place to hide.
  2. Puppy videos
  3. The Lumineers, Jimmy Eat World
    Two of my favorite bands. Their lyrics resonated with me this election cycle, particularly on Wednesday.
  4. Blankets and fancy pajamas
    My house is always freezing, so I like to pile on blankets to stay cozy.
  5. Puppy and baby videos
  6. Just talking to my friends
    I hate texting. I'd much rather hear your voice.
  7. When Harry Met Sally
  8. Some combo of tea/coffee and magazine/newspaper/novel
  9. Driving on Montauk Highway and the ocean emerges in front of you
    Also: windmills in the Hamptons, the first bite of freshly caught fish, smelling like the ocean after fishing all day
  10. Freshly cut flowers
  11. The (500) Days of Summer soundtrack
  12. Central Park in autumn
    And crunchy leaves to jump on
  13. Marled socks