TW: 9/11, sexual assault
  1. Sex Object by Jessica Valenti
    I read this for my book club, and had mixed feelings about it. Everyone should read it just because Valenti really nails what it's like to be a women in the media. I liked how the timeline is loose to focus on how the same acts of sexual aggression happen over and over again. You really see how different men do the same thing to her throughout her life, which I felt was the strongest point in her memoir.
  2. NYFW
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    Snapchat is the best thing to happen for plebes like myself. I liked Opening Ceremony's show more for the celebrity aspect than the clothes. Jonathan Simkhai's show was FAB. I still don't get Vetements.
  3. 9/11 remembrance (pt 1)
    My mom pulled me and my sister out of elementary school in the mid afternoon on Sept. 11, 2001. I remember being annoyed because a classmate brought brownies in for his birthday and I was going to not get one. Jaime and I were sitting on the couch when my dad finally came home at night, and my parents were crying and hugging each other. I don't remember watching the TV and seeing what had happened, but I didn't sleep for weeks after. I thought a plane was going to crash into my house.
  4. 9/11 remembrance (pt 2)
    It wasn't until high school where I watched the news coverage extensively. The Falling Man story is particularly affecting for me. My dad had applied for a job at Windows of the World. That man was a chef there. That could have been my dad. I try not to read stories about it because it's too upsetting. But I read some moving stories about the Children of 9/11 and the man with the red bandana. Also, Cuomo extended medical benefits for first responders; I don't understand how that is even an issue
  5. Louis C. K.
    My mom and I went to see Louis C. K. at MSG. He came out wearing a suit and tie, and I wanted so badly to start heckling "Play Piano Man!" He looked like Billy Joel and I was disappointed he wasn't. His set, however, was excellent. My mom and I were keeled over from laughing so hard. If you ever get the chance to see him, take it.
  6. Employee Benefit News
    Oh look, it's my publication! I started full-time as an associate editor for a niche publication. It's surprisingly interesting to learn about how healthcare is changing, and I want to tell you why you should care!
  7. Indignation
    My introduction to Philip Roth is Hannah on GIRLS making her eighth graders read his work. I've never read anything by him, but I knew most adaptations of his work are terrible. I enjoyed this movie a lot but found it simplified the themes Roth (I assume) makes in his book. The performances were great and I want to read the novel. I don't think the movie will have a lasting effect.
  8. NFL
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    Don't talk to me, I'm watching the Jets.
  9. Refinery 29
    A subscribe to the site's newsletter, where I get gems like "This is the Best Sex Position for you Based on your Sign" and "What These Instagram Trends Look Like IRL." R29's best vertical, though, is Work & Money. My favorite series is a collection of interviews with women whose partners make significantly more or less than they do. Highly recommend.
  10. Equity
    The movie was fine. Good to watch from your couch but not good enough to pay a $11 movie ticket.
  11. Emmys
    I made my predictions (2016 Emmy predictions) and I just want to look at pretty dresses and be outraged when my picks lose.
  12. 36 Hours (NYT column)
    Just this month, I've purchased plane tickets to San Francisco, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Indianapolis and Charleston. I'm also taking a road trip to Pittsburgh. I own the 36 Hours book, which has recommendations for a weekend in any given U.S. city, and plan on using it.