What I'm watching, reading and listening to in August

Basically here vying for a spot on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast
  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)
    I've never seen anything in pop culture that reflects feelings I have or the culture of being Jewish like Rachel Bloom's show has done. The show is also a love letter to musical theater and various tropes but doesn't feel old or boring. It also digests princess culture and nostalgia in a way that gives the show nuance instead of feeling like a lesson (ex. "Master of None"). I am Rebecca Bunch.
  2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack (CW)
    My favorites include "Heavy Boobs", "JAP Battle", "Where's the Bathroom?", "Sex with a Stranger" and most importantly, "The Sexy Getting Ready Song". S/O to "Dear Joshua Felix Chan" because I 100% wrote letters like that in my diary in middle school.
  3. Not the Olympics (NBC)
    Unless it's beach volleyball, IDGAF. I did, however, enjoy reading think pieces about race and white privilege tied to the event.
  4. The Night Of (HBO)
    The first episode of the limited series made me look for clues akin to my first time watching "LOST". I thought the show was successful in making a statement about the legal justice system but wasn't what I thought it would be.
  5. Swiss Army Man
    I saw this in theaters but forgot to share. I loved it for its fart jokes and watching how Paul Dano reacts and how people watching Paul Dano react. Really a charming and visually beautiful movie. Must love fart/penis/barfing jokes to enjoy this movie.
  6. Serial (NPR)
    Two years too late but loved it. My only issue was I projected my feelings of the case onto its HBO counterpart "The Night Of".
  7. Modern Lovers by Emma Strab
    Emma Straub spoke at McNally Jackson and wore a dress in the same pattern as the book cover. I liked the excerpt she chose and her enough to buy the book. Would not recommend this. A very slow read that could have been edited down to a few vignettes or something of that nature.
  8. 2 Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys
    Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson's comedy podcast is excellent, and I loved Robinson's interview with Ilana Glazer of "Broad City" on the latter podcast. Would recommend both.
  9. Goodbye to All That edited by Sari Botton
    A collection of essays by writers who lived and left New York City. This is a great read for someone other than me, anxiously waiting to move into Manhattan. Reads like a goodbye letter instead of a love letter to Manhattan. In that case, I choose Carrie Bradshaw and her magical apartment.
  10. The New York Times (printed!)
    My dad ordered The Times for our family, so I take that on the train for when I don't feel like reading my novel ("Modern Lovers") or I have to wait for a new podcast. Favorite story: a woman who wears a shower cap in public to avoid the humidity.
  11. Modern Love (NYT/WBUR)
    Not to be confused with the aforementioned "Modern Lovers". "Community" and "Love" star Gillian Jacobs read the column's most famous piece about a questionnaire used to make two strangers fall in love on the podcast. I also loved Tony Hale reading "Just Friends? Let Me Read Between the Lines" and the column "Can Tylenol Help Heal a Broken Heart?".
  12. Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women by Nora Ephron
    My firstborn gets Nora Ephron's namesake.
  13. Sausage Party