What I'm watching, reading and listening to in November

It's my birthday month! I'm v into horoscopes because I do think it speaks to you. I'm also a Scorpio, and a lot of my personality traits match up.
  1. Moonlight
    Ready to have an analytical convo with you. Saw this with Evan and the two of us were v quiet after because there's a lot to digest. Some quick thoughts: similar to Boyhood but better; happy to see a movie with a distinct POV and diverse cast that told a story you never see; speaking of not seeing something, the best part of the movie was the things we didn't see. I thought it really heightened the isolation theme. The score and cinematography were beautiful, too. 9/10 OMGs.
  2. Allied
    THE CLOTHES!!! Go for the clothes. 6/10 OMGs.
  3. Manchester by the Sea
    I caught a matinee at the Angelika Film Center in SoHo. If you're in New York, it's a great theater to check out. This movie fucking destroyed me. I would love to see this win best picture because I liked it more than Moonlight, and Casey Affleck deserves an Oscar for his performance. I would have sat through another two and a half hours of this film. The direction was excellent. Be prepared to sob uncontrollably. 10/10 OMGs.
  4. Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
    I got stuck in Philly's airport for two hours so I picked this book up. This New York Post writer details her "descent into madness" from a rare autoimmune disease that presents like mental illness. The writing is a little shoddy but the reporting is excellent. It's a great read if you like House or need to kill a few hours.
  5. Girlboss Radio
    The founder of Nasty Gal interviews badass profesh ladies, many of whom are in publishing. Sophia Amoruso is annoying af, and her voice is grating, but the women she interviews give great advice and are pleasant to listen to. Enjoyed the Jessica Williams ep in particular.
  6. Cleopatra by the Lumineers
    Still listening to this album OBSESSIVELY.
  7. Gilmore Girls SEASON 7
    I really dragged my feet about watching this season. I have to say, it is WAY better than s6. I've been binging so I can watch the revival without any spoilers. So far I've been successful. But for the record, I would not be friends with anyone on that show. There are hints of xenophobic/homophobic writing throughout that don't stand the test of time, and Rory has annoyed me since her Chilton days. Side note: I aspire to find someone who will be the Doyle to my Paris for yoga activities.
  8. Arrival
    The writing was terrible but Jeremy Renner is in it so eh. It was fine. I was in the mood for aliens and explosions so I was surprised that it was more of a humanist movie. The twist was interesting but I thought the film was anti-climatic overall. 4/10 OMGs.
  9. The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
    I tore through this novel, which is narrated by a New Yorker who moves to Washington, D.C., so her husband can pursue a career in politics. This book served as my own little echo chamber about how much D.C. sucks. Highly recommend.
  10. Sports
    All my teams are terrible.