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as of october 19th, 2016
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    undecided voters
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    the former editor of People Magazine to go on Good Morning America & talk about said divorce, as if he's a qualified source, as if this should continue to be 'news'.
listen to this & past weeks: https://goo.gl/x7VQtL
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    Jesus Walks by Kanye West
    first, i was reliving how great the Jarhead trailer is. then I was celebrating buying nosebleed tickets to see TLOP tour. RIP October 27th.
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    See Her Out by Francis and the Lights
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    Two To Birkenhead by Bill Ryder-Jones
    this is the sweetest album cover i've ever seen.
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inspired by @soniakharkar
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    The average doc has way more influence over me than the average movie, that's right i'm gullible & pretentious! And yet I (generously) watch 1 doc per 50 movies. Must sees: Room 237, Weiner, Under The Great White Northern Lights, To Be & To Have, Tim's Vermeer, Vice episodes, etc.
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    Routine/Self Care
    I used to think routine was the enemy of creativity, but so is sleeping for 9 hours & eating breakfast @ noon. The goal is to be asleep by 11 & up by 5, yikes.
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    You can trace all my past interests through the books i've purchased & have yet to read. I buy at least 3 more books monthly than I finish. The starting point is reading one book every two weeks, & hopefully working up to a book a week.
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Or more correctly titled: Songs I've Been Listening To Since The Release of Blond(e) Aside From Blond(e). Listen to this & past weeks: https://goo.gl/x7VQtL
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    Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Seeds
    I never saw this for myself, but I started watching Peaky Blinders & I quickly became deranged with obsession.
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    Heart It Races - Dr. Dog Version by Dr. Dog
    Incredibly I was unaware of the original version of this song & the music video that accompanies it.
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    Lovecrimes by Frank Ocean
    Any song that samples a Kubrick film is a friend of mine.
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    Music by Barbara Streisand
    Almost always in vinyl form. If your particular store doesn't have a record selection, the cd/cassette selections are certain to help carry out tradition.
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    A shot glass from Las Vegas
    Seems redundant.
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    A Jonathan Franzen novel
    Most likely several copies in your choice of paperback or hardcover. Probably "The Corrections".
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    A VHS of Babe
    If not, this thrift store will happily help pick up the slack.
For obvious reasons, I was unable to compile a proper weekly music roundup. Stay tuned next Sunday for a double feature. In the mean time, listen to this & past weeks: https://goo.gl/x7VQtL
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    Blond(e) by Frank Ocean
    What else can I say besides thank you. This is all I've been able to listen to since Saturday & I don't see that changing anytime soon. It feels irrelevant to state favorites because they change with every listen. First listen it was Self Control. Sunday night listen it was White Ferrari into Seigfried. Current listen is Ivy. Feeling grateful.
A relatively unadventurous list because I spent most of the week watching The West Wing. Listen to this week's & last's: https://goo.gl/x7VQtL
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    Wesley's Theory by Kendrick Lamar, George Clinton, & Thundercat
    If I had any control over The Grammys...
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    Lotus Flower by Radiohead
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    Gemini Feed by Banks
    Patiently waiting for September 30th.
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Most nights I feel ceaselessly tortured by the presence of social media, BUT in the morning, when I crawl out of my existential crisis, these are the people I wish were suffering along with me on Instagram, Twitter, the works.
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    Zach Woods
    I've learned that he tries to avoid trolls/worries about compulsive behavior in regards to his phone, but I think he'd have an incredibly hilarious & memorable Twitter.
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    Jon Stewart
    Really I just wish The Daily Show was back, but I would settle for a casually updated Twitter account.
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    Emma Stone
    For some reason I'm convinced she would have great book recommendations? Who can convince her to join li.st?
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    Black Mollies by S U R V I V E
    So yes, I'm watching Stranger Things.
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    Daydream in Blue by I Monster
    Still into this great Mr. Robot opener.
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    Pyramids by Frank Ocean
    Listen to this on repeat for an hour & you'll stop being concerned about this new album tease. Also, I'm thinking of Frank Underwood every time those trumpets sound.
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