Songs I'm Loving This Week

Or more correctly titled: Songs I've Been Listening To Since The Release of Blond(e) Aside From Blond(e). Listen to this & past weeks:
  1. Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Seeds
    I never saw this for myself, but I started watching Peaky Blinders & I quickly became deranged with obsession.
  2. Heart It Races - Dr. Dog Version by Dr. Dog
    Incredibly I was unaware of the original version of this song & the music video that accompanies it.
  3. Lovecrimes by Frank Ocean
    Any song that samples a Kubrick film is a friend of mine.
  4. There Will Be Tears by Frank Ocean
    Listened to this on repeat for over an hour while waiting for Frank's album to drop, I'm not proud.
  5. A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  6. Conversation 16 by The National
    I was afraid I'd eat your brains CAUSE IIIII'M EVIL.
  7. 10 d E A T h b R E a s T - Extended Version by Bon Iver
    Started typing this title out & almost decided to remove it from the list... kidding, grateful for the return of Bon Iver.
  8. Everything Nice by Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Farao
    Went on a nice drive through the forest w/ this one.
  9. City Club by The Growlers
    I can't get over how great the smooth disco-esque music pairs with Brooks' gravely voice.
  10. 33 "GOD" by Bon Iver
  11. Merry Go Round by Equatics
    Thanks to Master of None for bringing this song back into my life. Reminds me of The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  12. For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
    The West Wing: Season 3, Episode 1
  13. Never Be Mine by Angel Olsen
  14. Get Low by James Vincent McMorrow
    Think I'm a bit late to this party but I made it.
  15. What a Feeling by One Direction
    Imagine what a nice moment this would make in a teen movie. Think they'll license it out for less because it's post-Zayn?
  16. Oblivion by Grimes
    Yes or No, someone listened to this song & then created Stranger Things.
  17. Cherry Lips by Archie Bronson Outfit
    Makes me want to be armed & in a rusty pickup recklessly driving down a dirt road towards the bank my pals & I are about to rob.