I have never been one to share on social media, but I feel like this is a great place to start for me. With only a couple hours into it, list is showing me a different side to social media. A smart, thoughtful platform...lets hope it can somehow stay that way.
  1. This shit is hard
    This feels different from other outlets...so much more vulnerable. Is this just me, or is my inability to share this part of myself with the Internet still somewhat normal?
  2. I am more comfortable posting an embarrassing photo of myself than I am simply sharing a few thoughts with people.
    Oh god, what if they judge me? Did I mention this is hard?
  3. This was meant for @bobbyhundreds
    It just is.
  4. I still feel the need to compose things on paper first.
    I know it's strange, but words still flow better out of a pen for me. I am 100 years old.
  5. Bringing myself to press send on this first list has been a real battle.
    Let's hope it only gets easier from here.