Because who doesn't LOVE avo toast?!
  1. Cafe Gitane - the OG 🙏🏻
  2. The Commons - who doesn't love avocado on a crisp baguette?
  3. Jacks Wife Freda - gotta love the cherry tomato jam, picked carrots and za'atar!
  4. The Butcher's Daughter - a $2 avocado toast?! Sign me up!
  5. Le Pain Quotidien - killer toasts all around, but this one cannot be missed!
  6. The Egg Shop - because who doesn't love a perfect egg yolk on their avo toast?!
  7. By Chloe - the more ingredients the better.
  8. Balthazar - a New York classic spot does it right.
  9. Joseph Leonard - a nice filling plate!