Before Adele's "Hello" there was Pdiddy's verse in "I Need A Girl (Part 1)"
  1. It came out when I was 17 and I remember listening to his verse and being overcome w the sadness 😭😭. Here are the lyrics. Get your tissues!
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  2. "I had a girl that would've died for me / Didn't 'preciate her so I made her cry for me /Every night she had tears in her eyes for me / caught a case and shorty took the whole ride for me
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  3. First we were friends then became lovers / You was more than my girl, we was like brothers / All night we would play fight under covers /Now you gone, can't love you like I really wanna
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  4. But everytime I think about your pretty smile /And how we used to drive the whole city wild / Damn I wish you would've had my child /A pretty little girl wit Diddy's smile / This shit is wild
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  5. All dem days that I reminisce / About the way I use to kiss dem pretty lips / But as long as you happy, I'mma tell you this / I love you girl and you're the one that I will always miss"
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