Supporting documentation are pictures taken on this day, The Falliest Fall Saturday thus far. πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚πŸ‚
  1. β€’
    All the gravel driveways and this home in particular
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    πŸ˜₯tears of joy
  2. β€’
    The color of this house was this painfully beautiful light pink
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  3. β€’
    This tree
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    Not specific to Bellport but I am giving it credit.
  4. β€’
    This scene
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    The tire swing and long driveway
  5. β€’
    Its proximity to the ocean
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    The choice between the Hudson Valley and Long Island is easy for this Long Islander. One is near the ocean, the other is near a river. Ocean > River. Bellport is on the ocean (well technically the bay but it's same same.)
  6. β€’
    This house was just adorable
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  7. β€’
    This tree.
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  8. β€’
    The fact that it is not the Hamptons but it is just as cute.