Long list, thanks for humoring me
  1. It was the summer of 1992, between my freshman and sophomore years of college
  2. for various reasons I had to take summer school in Houston
  3. I got to hang out a lot with one of my best friends, Nicole. (To this day we live within a few miles of each other, now in Oregon.)
  4. There was no internet to speak of then, so when we heard that Morrissey was coming to play Houston, it was via radio - 104 KRBE.
  5. Not only was he playing a concert, but he would also be appearing in-store to sign autographs at the Record Rack on S. Shepherd Drive. Woohoo!
  6. Nicole and I noted the date, and the night before, she picked me up (I did not own a car or even drive until I was 21) and we drove from Baytown into Houston.
  7. We joined a huge crowd that was starting to line up in the parking lot around nightfall.
  8. I packed corn chips and peppermint schnapps. (I know, totally disgusting) Also illegal since I was only 18 (I have a November birthday and started KG when I was 4, do the math).
  9. My high school crush also showed up a bit further down the line and I pretended to ignore him while doing shots of schnapps out of an empty Advil bottle. SO EMO
  10. Somehow we spent a sweaty night in a Houston parking lot amongst hundreds of other sweaty Smiths/Morrissey fans.
  11. If we needed to pee we went to the Chevron station across the street.
  12. The next day we anxiously awaited the arrival of our icon. Security folks came and went and organized us into a better line with crowd barriers.
  13. The local paper, Houston Chronicle, showed up and snapped pictures. A TV crew also came and reported. I overheard some of the questions asked, and it was very clear the reporter was not familiar with Morrissey's oeuvre.
  14. Finally, the man himself! A demure town car delivered him in front of the Record Rack. Screaming, pandemonium, gladioli everywhere.
  15. And then quiet again, as we politely organized into a line to enter the store and present one item each to be signed.
  16. I had him sign my diary.
  17. And somehow, after that moment, I was reaching across the table, Morrissey reached for me, and Nicole snapped the photo on her 35mm film camera.