I don't actually see a lot of "bridezillas". But I'll give this my best shot.
  1. The woman who said I should be "like a sorority sister" and who wanted to feel "comfortable brushing [her] teeth next to [me]". She did not end up booking me
  2. The woman who gave my business a 2-star review that essentially said, "The wedding went great, but I was stressed out." (During our time together she said things like, "I don't care about anything except having tall flowers. I'm super laid back") Apparently she really was not. I regret not asking her more often how she was feeling.
  3. The man who yelled at me on the phone because makeup artists weren't getting quotes back quickly enough for his fiancée. He later tried to drunkenly kiss my lead coordinator while thanking her at the wedding (Not in a come-on way but in a sloppy, I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU kind of way)
  4. The woman who dragged me to Chicago to go shoe shopping. We are now good friends. I love shoe shopping, so she's probably my favorite bridezilla of all.