1. Lunch is finally being eaten away from the desk
    At our office we have a lunchroom on the 11th floor with outside space and floor to ceiling windows and it is always bright, but most people eat at their desks
  2. Work buddies
    My new work buddy is the one who got me up into the lunchroom on the regular, thank god for Michelle
  3. My house (HOUSE!) has a food disposal
    Even though it requires the magic touch to turn on and is insanely finicky, it exists
  4. tbh the commute
    i know, but there's something nice about having to take the time to go from work to home, and I am trying to up my podcast game here
  5. also tbh full-time employment
  6. I miss the Midwest
    Pittsburgh has an identity crisis but feels much more Midwestern than East Coast // I'm not done with you yet, Chicago
  7. but this is turning out much more than okay