Amazing eurovision songs

There are so many amazing songs in the 60 year of eurovision history. these are just few of them that are the most prominent ones for me
  1. Ruslana- wild dances (Ukraine, 2004)
    Of course...
  2. Alex swings, oscar sings!- miss kiss kiss bang(Germany, 2009)
  3. Loïc nottet- rhythym inside(Belgium, 2015)
  4. Lena- satellite (Germany, 2010)
    Lena- taken by a stranger(Germany, 2011)
  5. Ivi adamou-la la love(Cyprus, 2012)
  6. Sakis rouvas-shake it (Greece,2004)
  7. Iveta mukucyan- lovewave (Armenia,2016)
  8. Sertap erener- everyway that i can (Turkey,2003)
  9. Alexander rybak- fairytale(Norway,2009)
    childhood crush...
  10. Barei-say yay! (Spain-2016)
  11. Sébastien tellier- divine (France-2008)