1. Of course.... travel photographer-
    Because what 20some year old with a DSLR wouldn't say that?
  2. Private investigator-
    because it's basically professional people watching
  3. The person who names strains of marijuana-
    because frequently there are two word phrases that pop into my head, and there is no other purpose for them. None.
  4. Grocery store designer-
    because there are just some grocery stores that are not trying.
  5. Canvas-
    because those who can't art, make great canvases.
  6. Witch doctor-
    because through out history they have always been the ones with real power.
  7. Cactus appraiser-
    because I can't be the only one who appreciates the value of a good cactus
  8. Cult member-
    because you have more fun as a follower.