It hasn't been my day, or month, or even my year since March.
  1. "Illinois" by Sufjan Stevens
    GOD DAMN, THIS ALBUM IS SO MISERABLE/AWESOME. It's wallowing. It's life-affirming. I die every time the ecstasy that is "Chicago" is sucker-punched by the agony that is "Casimir Pulaski Day." My only regret is that while "Michigan" is good, "Illinois" achieves real greatness.
  2. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
    Funny. Tragic. Violent. Great plots. Joss Whedon. There's a lot for a TV buff to like about "Buffy," but for me it's about being miserable, uncool and 14 and not feeling sad about it. It's a nice reminder that at some point in my life I had hope.
  3. "Harry Potter"
    Hello, overwhelming obsession of my teen and college years. It's nice to just sink into the series and forget everything. I know the books so well reading them again is like cozying up in your favorite chair in your childhood home. The charms of the books are well-documented, but the ease they put me at is priceless.
  4. "Shrek"
    The only one in the franchise worth a damn, "Shrek" holds a dear place in my heart because my little brother watched it EVERY DAY for over a year, and we can both recite it on command; lines from the movie are deeply imbedded into family in-jokes. And who doesn't love a super-dated "Matrix"-style visual gag?
  5. "Anne of Green Gables"
    In case of EXTREME emergency, this timeless series is the jam for when I need ALL THE REASSURANCE that there is good in the world.
  6. "Grey's Anatomy"
    As fucking insane as later seasons got, I will go to the mat for the first 2.5 seasons as being some of the greatest TV of the 2000s. The best part: Either Meredith, Cristina, Izzy, Alex or George ALWAYS has it worse than what I've going on.
  7. Film adaptations of Jane Austen novels
    There's nothing like spending six-straight hours with "Pride and Prejudice" to brighten up a day.
  8. Mid-to-high-brow sitcoms
    "Community." "How I Met Your Mother." "Parks and Recreation." "New Girl." "Archer." You know, the good stuff.
  9. Random low-brow TV shows
    "Another Period." "Reign." The trashier and weirder, the better.