Books I Have Read This Year

I would totally read someone's list of books they've read this year. Maybe I'll add to this all year, maybe I'll forget I started this. Feel free to suggest any great books you've read recently.
  1. The Nightingale
    It took a minute for me to get into this one. The nice people (or algorithm) at Amazon told me I'd like it because I liked All the Light We Cannot See (best book I read in 2015). At first the writing seemed really forced - especially coming off of the beautiful lyrical prose of All the Light, but seemed to smooth out as the story developed. Plus I really love WWII fiction, so there's that. Overall a thumbs up.
  2. Beyond Ordinary
    This is a book about marriage. I basically skimmed this, because I am a marriage expert. Overall I liked the format (alternates from the guy and girl perspective). It made me think while I was reading it, but I haven't really thought about it sense. This would be a good first year of marriage read. I did appreciate the Christian perspective and the Davis's honesty about their struggles and victories.
  3. Room
    My mom told me to read this years ago, so of course I ignored her until Hollywood pressured me to read the source material before the movie came out. I thought this was really beautifully written and surprisingly nuanced. It's written from the perspective of a 5 year old, but never felt forced -- the opposite, actually. Such a dark subject (kidnapping, yikes) written from such an honest, curious perspective. I laughed and cried. Loved it.
  4. The Martian
    I mean, so far so good considering that space is the scariest thing I can think of. I basically needed Xanax to get through the movie Gravity. I only saw Armageddon to give myself context for that Aerosmith power ballad. And Ben Affleck 😍. We'll see if I can make it through this book, but I feel like a disaster may be looming. Matt Damon may make it off Mars but I may not.... Aw, Ben and Matt. Full circle. **UPDATE** finished without Xanax and loved it - especially the smart, funny writing.
  5. (In progress) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
    I'm going to be honest - I might not finish this. Some of this chick's advice is absurd. Some of it is pretty good. I must have been channeling my inner Marie Kondo when I went on a tidying blitz after Christmas and accidentally threw away our Alamo Bowl tickets. I guess they didn't spark enough joy in me as I held them in my hand (Kondo jokes y'all). Sometimes this book makes me feel awesome, most of the time it makes me feel sloppy and I am not.
  6. The Kitchen House
    Is this the best novel I'll read this year? Probably not, but it had a complex storyline and kept me up at night reading. I do love a story told from 2 perspectives. The story is about slavery in the 1700s which isn't the cheeriest of subjects. One thing that bugged me was that I felt like the main character was constantly throwing up. I thought that was a weird bead for the novel, but whatever. Spoiler - every five pages Lavinia pukes.
  7. Me Before You
    Still working out how I feel about this one. Story wise it was a bit predictable, but kept me reading for sure.
  8. The Light Between Oceans
    Okay. It took me re-reading the same three chapters 10 times to get into it, but then I read it and loved the lyrical prose and died of sadness when it was over.