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Inspired by @bailey . Genuinely surprised at the amount of orange/yellow in my feed.
  1. Today
  2. Another day
    Global warming
  3. Another day
    The meat industry
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  1. RuPaul mothafuckin Andre Charles
    Genuine angel.
  2. My mom
    Also genuine angel.
  3. Michelle Obama
    Those arms, that brain! I would also probably follow Barack, Malia, and Sasha pretty far into the pits.
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  1. "Fohward"
    Forrrrrrward. Rs are important. I first noticed this on Projecy Runway Allstars because Alyssa Milano says it every episode, but since then I've been hearing it everywhere and going insane.
  2. "Awready"
    ALready pls.
  3. "Fustrated"
    Frustrated. Rs are still important! Makes me very frustrated.
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  1. FART X3
    LMFAO's side projects.
  2. Moss Death
    Written on Home Depot shopping list when my dad forgot the word herbicide. Norwegian death metal that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  3. Capritty Son
    I envision a rap duo in bucket hats.
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Pics that make me 😁😁❤️❤️
Done today in class. Def getting the most out of my education !!
  1. JP Jacobsen
    Like if Ghandi and the zodiac killer had a baby. Does one capitalize zodiac killer?
  2. Georg Brandes
    He was not cross-eyed in real life (I assume).
  3. Martin Andersen Nexø
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  1. 12:04
    To pee. I would have gotten up earlier but my housemate was out coughing in the living room and I couldn't deal. I snuck out when I was sure he'd gone.
  2. 12:37
    Made a cup of tea. Surveilled mess of house.
  3. 2 something
    Went to ATM and then grocery store. Bought: milk, eggplant, red pepper, whole wheat tortillas, cookies, bag of chips (which I consumed immediately and felt bad about).
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I'm living in Copenhagen, Danes are weird.
  1. Don't pick up dog poop
  2. Wear sneakers for all occasions
  3. Adults and children both use scooters as convenient and efficient transport
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Celebrities that I just cannot abide by.
  1. Sally Fields
    Because of the scene in Daniel Day Lewis's Lincoln where she is going crazy. Someone thought to put her in an off the shoulder gown and her delts are just going off. Also once my dad watched Mrs. Doubtfire before going to bed and had nightmares. Also also I recognize that the Fields should be singular but I have convinced myself it is plural. She is the worst.
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Kirsten Dunst
    Like really Fargo.
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