Celebrities that I just cannot abide by.
  1. Sally Fields
    Because of the scene in Daniel Day Lewis's Lincoln where she is going crazy. Someone thought to put her in an off the shoulder gown and her delts are just going off. Also once my dad watched Mrs. Doubtfire before going to bed and had nightmares. Also also I recognize that the Fields should be singular but I have convinced myself it is plural. She is the worst.
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Kirsten Dunst
    Like really Fargo.
  4. Anne Hathaway
  5. Natalie Portman
  6. That guy who isn't Mandy Patinkin
    He's the one with the small face on Homeland but his name isn't Mandy Patinkin.
  7. Christian Slater
    Who let him out to be on Mr. Robot ?!
  8. Cary Elwes
    Looks like he melted.
  9. Keanu Reeves
    My high school English teacher who used to gossip about me to my classmates said once that she would watch any movie that had Keanu Reeves in it, so toodles Keanu.
  10. Patricia Arquette
    Human body pillow.
  11. Jessica Alba
  12. Charlie Sheen
    Really most/all of the Sheens
  13. Chris Pine
    I don't see it.
  14. Aaron Eckhart
  15. Katie Holmes
  16. Christian Bale
  17. Rose Byrne
  18. John Corbett
    Looks like he has wet farts.
  19. Ginnifer Goodwin
    Too well intentioned.
  20. Jennifer Morrison
  21. Josh Dallas
  22. Jim Parsons
    The Big Bag Theory is the antithesis of comedy.
  23. Kaley Cuoco
    See above.
  24. Shailene Woodley
  25. Calista Flockhart
    Was on that TV show with Sally Fields so it's really her own fault.
  26. Julianna Hough
  27. Malin Ackerman
  28. Will Ferrell
  29. Laura Dern
    I don't need a reason.