Best TV Couples

Couples that simultaneously make your heart swell with happiness because of how much you love them and crush it into a million pieces because you'll never be a part of something as perfect as them
  1. Monica and Chandler
  2. Jim and Pam
    The Office
  3. Lily and Marshall
    How I Met Your Mother
  4. Fran and Mr. Sheffield
    The Nanny
  5. Loralai and Luke
    Gilmore Girls
  6. Brittany and Santana
  7. Kurt and Blaine
  8. Finn and Rachel
  9. Chuck and Blair
    Gossip Girl
  10. Andy and April
    Parks and Rec
  11. Meredith and Derek
    Grey's Anatomy
  12. Beck and Jade
  13. Linda and Bob Belcher
    Bob's Burgers
  14. Angel and Buffy
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  15. Zoey and Chase
    Zoey 101
  16. Miley and Jake
    Hannah Montana
  17. Elena and Damon
    Vampire Diaries
  18. Carrie Bradshaw and Sebastian Kidd
    The Carrie Diaries
  19. Jane and Billy
    Jane By Design
  20. Hyde and Jackie
    That 70's Show
  21. Emma Swan and Captain Hook
    Once Upon a Time
  22. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak