1. Harry Styles
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    Because how can one human be so pretty and angelic and nice and funny and also a smart ass all at once?!?!!? Man buns and beanies and skinny jeans and glittery boots and a thousand tattoos, I mean it's all too much for my fragile heart. I can't even be mad when he wears a bed spread to an awards show.
  2. Harry Styles
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    I can't even be mad that his bun is better than mine and he wears a smaller pant size than me (a women's 26 I mean does he even exist????) the never ending stream of puns and bad dad jokes actually make me laugh, and I can't even hate him for it (but I can hate myself)
  3. Harry Styles
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    Also his singing voice had made such astounding progress like can I just get an album of nothing but him? Well hey maybe I will I mean who knows. Those eyes. That jawline.
  4. Niall Horan
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    Because all I need in this life is a little Irish man with a hilarious laugh and glasses that are cooler than mine.
  5. Liam Payne
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    Because what fantastic hair, and also thank you for the continuous blessing of bored selfies.
  6. Louis Tomlinson
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    Because his accent annoys the shit out of me but he's sassy AF and I like his skinny ankles.
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  10. Zayn Malik
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    Because he left my heart and the rest of the world in shambles. But also his bone structure is to die for and he gets more cool and stylish with each day.