As requested by Chris Kubica, a few excerpts from the WHAT IF screenplay showing how I described Chantry's animated projections...
  1. Scene 11: EXT. STREET - NIGHT
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    In earlier drafts I'd written these animated moments as, like, cutaways into her 'mind' but Michael Dowse, the movie's director, had the idea of literally projecting the imagery onto the city itself and it was all done practical, on set, with high-powered projectors. The drawings were done by Portland-based artist Evan B. Harris.
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    Unlike Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), who has confidantes like his best friend Allan (Adam Driver) and his sister Ellie (Jemima Rooper), Chantey (Zoe Kazan) can't admit her complicated, confusing feelings to anyone, partly because she's in denial about them. So projecting her internal struggles as animated sequences was a way to externalize what's happening inside her mind in a playful, visually dynamic way that wasn't just another scene of two people talking.
  3. Scene 105: INT. ALLAN'S CAR - DAY
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    I wanted the audience to see the animation as coming directly from Chantry's hand so they could see, yeah, she's actually talented. So when she gets the job offer later it makes sense. She's really good at what she does and despite her resistance to change she'll succeed if it's what she chooses to pursue.