1. When an actor plays a part in a movie, does that movie take place in an alternate reality where that actor doesn't exist?
  2. If not, and the actor still exists in that reality, why don't people in the movie constantly tell the character they look like that actor?
  3. If so, then in that reality who starred in the movies that actor had previously done?
  4. In the reality of that movie, do actors have entirely different careers, with different successes, failures, challenges, and compromises?
  5. Wouldn't the cumulative effect of these artistic variations fundamentally alter the actors as human beings, leading to further divergent creative choices?
  6. Do some movies in that reality just never happen because they didn't get the right cast and financing fell through?
  7. But then did those filmmakers make other movies instead, movies we'll never get to see in our reality?
  8. And what about the movies that were influenced by the ones that never happened, do they still get made but are subtly changed by the absence of a key inspiration?
  9. At what point does this domino-effect of actors and roles and movies and filmmakers spill out into other areas, literature, music, politics, economics, language, history itself?
  10. So, if every movie therefore depicts an alternate reality with its own unique history and culture... I think I ran out of questions.