Women's bathrooms only, sorry dudes. Suggestions are welcome!
  1. The Frick Collection
    This is not a bathroom, this is a *POWDER ROOM* it is classy and you know it because it is *carpeted* and has floor to ceiling mirrors. Bury me here.
  2. The Rubin Museum
    The Rubin is in the old Barney's building in Chelsea and the women's bathroom is at the bottom of the custom oval-stairs. The oval room retains some of the department store vibe and feels fancy!
  3. The New Museum
    The tiles are pretty!
  4. The New Whitney
    They're new so they haven't been ruined yet
  5. MoMA PS1
    The ones on the second floor have a nice view of the courtyard, and possibly my expectations are lowered because the building formerly housed a grade school
  6. The Guggenheim
    These are not great and weirdly situated (Frank Lloyd wright was not concerned with the bathrooms apparently) HOWEVER there is one on every floor and they are single occupancy so there's rarely a wait and once you're in that baby is all yours
  7. MoMa
    Extremely standard but given the high traffic, these are surprisingly well maintained.
  8. Brooklyn Museum and Queens Museum, tied
    Just institutional and disappointing
  9. The Met, Egyptian wing
    Arguably one of the worst bathrooms in NYC, period, continually frequented because they are the closest restrooms to the Great Hall. WORSE THAN LAGUARDIA!!!