Living in NYC means submitting to a 24/7 assault on the senses. It's exhausting, but I think it also helps develop a discerning nose. I'm basically a trash sommelier.
  1. Hot foil burning under the pretzels on a snack cart
    If cancer had a smell this would be it tbh. Topnote: salty cardboard (this is the pretzel) Basenote: gasoline.
  2. Curb puddles
    When was the last time it rained? Irrelevant. curb puddles just keep fermenting like plein air Petri dishes. Topnote: bog. Basenote: yeast.
  3. Stale urine
    a group of homeless people inhabit the train station closest to my work and use the stairwell as their latrine. Once a month the MTA cleans the area but the potency of the urine smell pre-power wash is punishing. Top note: ammonia. Base note: ammonia.
  4. Body odor on the subway
    I have nothing clever to say about this it just sucks straight up
  5. Early morning halal cart fumes
    I have nothing against spicy meat smells in the right context but I have everything against spicy meat smells when I'm not prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally. Topnote: cumin. Base note: regret.
  6. Grand Street in Chinatown
    Topnote: fish at room temp. Basenote: rancid bok choy.