Reasons I'm No Longer a High School Math Teacher

  1. Despite the popular misconception that anyone (with the proper credentials) can be a teacher, it actually requires a specific skills set that I certainly do not have.
  2. The bonus of having summers off is only a bonus if you don't want to kill yourself during fall, winter, and spring.
  3. I can't imagine counting down the time until I turn 65 when I'm in my 20s. By the time I'm 65, I'm sure retirement will be at least 70 anyway. Talk about wasting the best years of your life.
  4. The math curriculum is not realistic. Focus on teaching kids what they need math for in everyday life. Not everyone will or should go to college, but everyone should be equipped to lead productive lives.
  5. I'm no disciplinarian. I'm not interested in teaching teenagers how to act. I wasn't respectful to my parents growing up but I wouldn't dream of talking to a teacher the way I've been spoken to.