1. French Style
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    Whatever the hell that is.
  2. Nancyboy
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    Donovan the younger formed a band with the son of Mike Nesmith & put out an album in like 1996. I dug it out of my collection & can't stop listening to it. You & your trip in the living room/You left me alone with your girl in my room/Doing your flips & you're trying to be who you'd like to be/I've got your girl pressed against the wall.
  3. This dude.
    I was going to post my favorite photo of him, but I took it without his knowledge & I think he'd be kind of mad that I took it, never mind if I posted it. Rest assured, in it you can see every particle of love that beats through my meaty little heart for him.
  4. This.
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    By Edvard Munch. But The Scream is what everyone knows him for, which just shows what the general population knows about art.
  5. Black-ish
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    This entire show is fantastic, but I can stop screenshotting Lawrence Fishburne's lines.
  6. These Keds.
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    I've been going back & forth on whether I can pull them off or if they'll make me look like I can't let go of my adolescence, but I just saw they're on sale, so fuck it, I'm getting them.
  7. Oscar Isaac & Lupita Nyong'o
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    I want them to be a couple more than anything. Seriously. Think about their beautiful, beautiful babies.
  8. Peppermint creme Oreos
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    This shit is for real.