Things I wish for right now in this moment
  1. Static
    A vacation here
  2. Static
    Lots of this
  3. Static
    A puppy German shepherd as sweet as my Bella to be her friend
  4. Static
    These to eat Right Now
  5. Static
    Cake Right Now (from one of my events)
  6. Static
    This tree and it to be Christmas again
  7. Static
    And to be sitting in here looking at that tree while a fire burns in the fireplace
  8. Static
    For my son's acting and modeling career to take off
  9. Static
    Just to put my arms around him bc we are on separate coasts
  10. Static
    A home in Ocean Grove, NJ to retire in
  11. Static
    To play my new guitar as good as my dad
  12. Static
    This dress just cause
  13. Static
    The Panthers were in the Super Bowl this year!
  14. Static
    This book I forgot I wanted!!!
  15. Static
    For my business to be successful