My guilty pleasures

  1. Buying a one-pound bag of Twizzlers, telling myself I won't eat the bag all in one sitting, and then eating it all in one sitting
    What can I say? They're the twist you can't resist.
  2. Sitting down to watch one episode of a show, then watching an entire season
    Preferably while eating a bag of Twizzlers
  3. Spending hours on BuzzFeed
    Which queen of comedy am I? I don't know, but after I read this list about what it's like being a long-distance aunt I'd like to find out.
  4. Taking naps
    Sometimes I can't live without 'em, and sometimes I can but I take 'em anyway.
  5. Watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos
    Dr. Pimple Popper is a YouTube channel of a woman who pops patients' cysts. It's disgusting and I'm not proud of watching it, but at the same time I can't look away.
  6. Listening to Nicki Minaj
    My girl Nicki kills it in her verse of Kanye's song "Monster" and don't act like you didn't love the ridiculousness of "Anaconda"
  7. Making chocolate chip cookies just to eat the dough
    If you don't do this you're probably the insane one