1. @grace_hoffman16 (Grace Hoffman)
    Because this girl can sing
  2. @unclebrisef (Brianna "Becca" Shaw)
    Who wouldn't want to be a fire dancer? Plus, she's lived in Alaska and Indonesia.
  3. Mark An
    I really want to know what goes on in this guy's head
  4. @saracarolyn (Sara "Mom Jeans" Joslyn)
    I admire her servant's heart
  5. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Who wouldn't want to say they were genius behind "Hamilton" and all its sick rhymes?
  6. @jennjorg4 (Jenna Jorgensen)
    She's fire, and who doesn't want to be fire?
  7. Ben Veenstra
    He's a freaking cook. He gets paid to play with food!
  8. @WheelingBec (Becca "Bri" Wheeler)
    Because her job at the lake sounds like a thrill ride
  9. Fernando Vigil
    Mainly because he's an expert schmoozer with an accent
  10. @chunemm (Emma Chung)
    I swear this girl doesn't need sleep
  11. @ethanh (Ethan Hohn)
    His vast knowledge of movies and music is something I covet
  12. JAY Z
    He's still married to Beyoncé
  13. @clgrant (Cara Grant)
    She's a pretty skilled dancer
  14. Jose Nietes
    IDK, I feel like it would be fun to be Jose for a day
  15. Josh Dun
    He's an excellent drummer and for some reason I think he must have the coolest life when not on tour
  16. @RickRilled (Royce Lloyd)
    I want to be a member of Calvin Improv!
  17. @hannkrisviss (Hanna Visser)
    She goes to Mexico a lot, I think. I want to go to Mexico a lot too, I think.
  18. Kanye West
    If I could be one of the biggest rappers of all time with one of the biggest egos of all time for a day, I would.
  19. @Sambothemanbo57 (Sam Brouwer)
    He's basically a better version of me
  20. Greg Shepperly
    This dude can take a lot of naps
  21. @clairebaade (Claire Baade)
    She always wins Settlers of Catan