2015 in Photos

Since I took you to Bumtown earlier, it's only fair to take you to the flip side. An abbreviated look at my year. 2015 has not been my best, but there was a lot of good too, so let's focus on that, ok?
  1. LA
    That's Venice and I could watch the sunsets everyday.
  2. Germany
    Street in Frankfurt
  3. Lots of airports
  4. Lots of NYC
  5. Frieze Art Fair in NYC
    On Randall's Island. Got to take a private tour before it opened so I could really take in the work. It was pretty awesome.
  6. They have unicorns in Brooklyn!
  7. Went to Milan with Lexus to check out their new concept cars and their design awards they hold every year
  8. Milan
  9. Vancouver BC x 2
  10. Chicago x 2
  11. Milan again
  12. Lake Maggiore, Italy
    South side of the Alps
  13. Copenhagen
  14. Arne Jacobsen's famous gas station outside of Copenhagen
  15. Visited the legendary Fritz Hansen headquarters outside of Copenhagen again
    They manufacture many iconic designs like the Egg chair, the Swan chair, etc. That's the Egg.
  16. Flying over Sweden
  17. Did a bunch of interviews with cool people
    Like Jaime Hayon who's one of my favorite designers and people.
  18. And the legendary Alberto Alessi who brought me to Italy to interview him
    Google Alessi if you're wondering. Incredible company.
  19. Psychedelic Furs concert
    Aren't they pretty in pink? It was a show that reminded me of why I love music.
  20. Spent a lot of time with these in recording studios
  21. DC
  22. Got to design and make my very own custom Andy Warhol 'Flowers' wallpaper
    I will be living with it soon.
  23. Dead & Company shows x 4
    All unexpected surprises that also reminded me why I love music.
  24. Here. I know this is the only photo some people want to see.
    You're welcome.
  25. And more NYC from the sky
  26. Wishing everyone the best in 2016!