Since I took you to Bumtown earlier, it's only fair to take you to the flip side. An abbreviated look at my year. 2015 has not been my best, but there was a lot of good too, so let's focus on that, ok?
  1. LA
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    That's Venice and I could watch the sunsets everyday.
  2. Germany
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    Street in Frankfurt
  3. Lots of airports
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  4. Lots of NYC
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  5. Frieze Art Fair in NYC
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    On Randall's Island. Got to take a private tour before it opened so I could really take in the work. It was pretty awesome.
  6. They have unicorns in Brooklyn!
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  7. Went to Milan with Lexus to check out their new concept cars and their design awards they hold every year
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  8. Milan
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  9. Vancouver BC x 2
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  10. Chicago x 2
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  11. Milan again
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  12. Lake Maggiore, Italy
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    South side of the Alps
  13. Copenhagen
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  14. Arne Jacobsen's famous gas station outside of Copenhagen
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  15. Visited the legendary Fritz Hansen headquarters outside of Copenhagen again
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    They manufacture many iconic designs like the Egg chair, the Swan chair, etc. That's the Egg.
  16. Flying over Sweden
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  17. Did a bunch of interviews with cool people
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    Like Jaime Hayon who's one of my favorite designers and people.
  18. And the legendary Alberto Alessi who brought me to Italy to interview him
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    Google Alessi if you're wondering. Incredible company.
  19. Psychedelic Furs concert
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    Aren't they pretty in pink? It was a show that reminded me of why I love music.
  20. Spent a lot of time with these in recording studios
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  21. DC
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  22. Got to design and make my very own custom Andy Warhol 'Flowers' wallpaper
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    I will be living with it soon.
  23. Dead & Company shows x 4
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    All unexpected surprises that also reminded me why I love music.
  24. Here. I know this is the only photo some people want to see.
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    You're welcome.
  25. And more NYC from the sky
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  26. Wishing everyone the best in 2016!