My day yesterday through lunchtime today. I'm the Managing Editor of an online magazine that covers modern design.
  1. NYCxDESIGN is happening right now so my schedule is packed all day, every day.
    It's 2 full weeks of madness. That's how much sleep I've gotten lately. I'm a little tired but it's all worth it.
  2. I ran to The Grace Building to the Sight Unseen Offsite press preview.
    That's my PR friend Kara sitting on Eric Trine's giant pieces of furniture at the Land of Nod booth. All the pieces were oversized.
  3. I saw a ton of people I knew so I was there for awhile talking and checking out the new designs.
    Plus the views were awesome.
  4. Then I rushed to the Vitra/Axor showroom for a press preview of Ronan and Erwin Bouroullec's Vitra collection and Nanimarquina's rug collection.
  5. After that, I hiked to the WantedDesign press preview where students, independent designers, and big companies show their new designs.
    It's fairly empty during the press preview so I can actually see the work and talk to the designers.
  6. I wrapped it up in about 3 hours and headed home for a quick breather and some time with emails.
    There are thousands piling up. 😳🔫
  7. I head back out and finally get an Uber after 3 min, 5 min, 9 min, 23 min.
    I lost count of how long it took. Traffic was horrible and it took me more than double time to get crosstown.
  8. Arrived (late - sorry N.) back at WantedDesign for the opening VIP party. The line was wrapped around the building all night.
    Luckily we got right in - a perk of my job.
  9. Walked the floor again, or at least attempted to. It was packed and hard to navigate. Plus we talked to people.
  10. Said goodbye to N. and I went back in and ran into a designer friend of mine. He wanted to introduce me to someone.
  11. That someone was his good friend Terry Crews, actor on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
    He was awesome and I love him. We have a mutual friend so I took his photo to send to her. He reads the site I work for. Apparently he's a huge modern design fan and I love him for it! We geeked out on design for awhile. (Truth: I've only seen the 4 episodes that a friend directed but I'll watch it now. One of my contributors fanned out enough for everyone on the block.
  12. I helped him put his cuff links on and then he was swag af.
    His biceps are solid as a rock. Yes I felt them and I'm a better person for it.
  13. I talked to more people and tried to get back to the front door. A big group of us had dinner plans at one of our favorite restaurants, Ovest.
  14. We finally got to the restaurant and had a delicious meal that lasted till after midnight.
  15. I shared a cab with 3 other people from dinner and we all headed home.
  16. Then it was back to the emails till about 3:30am with an early wakeup call.
  17. Had to get up and do it all over again today with a video interview early this morning.
  18. Headed to ICFF (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair) to interview a designer from Fritz Hansen, one of my favorite Danish brands.
  19. I had meetings with several brands and then I walked some of the show floor and helped out at our pop-up booth, Milk Stand.
  20. Later tonight, we have our 10th Anniversary party at the Blu Dot store so it's party prep time!
    Anyone coming?