From the Drafts folder 📂
  1. I'm an over-thinker and overthinking leads to over sharing.
    And over sharing leads to regret. Rinse and repeat. I hate it but I do it. It's only on certain things as I tend to be pretty private. But when I share, I fucking OVERSHARE.
  2. I've always had a weird sixth sense when it comes to certain people.
    It happens when I initially meet someone or they come into my life. It's an overwhelming feeling I get - like the worst crush you've ever had with butterflies, nervousness, and I get lightheaded and feel sick. I always know that person is going to be a part of my life with an intense connection (friend or otherwise). It's happened my whole life and I've never been wrong.
  3. Everyone in my family was born in October, shares a name, or initials.
    Grandfather was Clayton (so is my cousin), grandmother is Caroline (me too), 2 Patsy's, 2 Lee's, etc and so on. Makes for fun get togethers when 2 people always answer. Also, everyone has October birthday except me. Apparently my family isn't very creative with names or when their decide to conceive.
  4. I had my DNA tested and I'm 99.9% Northern European.
  5. I'm a double Gemini which means double trouble.
  6. My middle name is Turner.
    My Swedish grandmother's maiden name.
  7. If a song hits me in a certain way, I will listen to it on repeat.
    To every boyfriend's dismay. I like to keep catching new parts to the song that i might not have heard before. People get annoyed.
  8. I almost died at birth.
    The cord was wrapped around my neck twice and I was blue and not breathing. I blame this for all my issues in life. (Kidding)
  9. I remember things by where they are when I see them - like images or words on a page.
  10. I've been told I have an overly expressive face and I use my hands a lot.
  11. Friends call me "the vault".
    Because I'm good at keeping secrets and never divulging information.