A Running List of @bjnovak's & @dev's Debut at Techcrunch Disrupt

I'm here for work and was happy to hear that our incredible leaders were speaking about this beloved @list app!
  1. Full house - every seat in the speaker room is FULL
  2. On stage!
  3. @bjnovak talking!
  4. @dev talking!
  5. They're talking about @Waz!
  6. Sup
  7. They're talking about their first date and how they met!
  8. It was love at first sight. They wore the same watches and drank the same scotch - that's love, people!
  9. @dev was just talking about me and how I'm his favorite Lister.
    This may or may not be a lie.
  10. @bjnovak agreed with Dev and said I was his favorite Lister as well.
    This also may or may not be a lie.
  11. Talking about self-expression and the power of the app.
  12. Dev is talking about the meet-ups and how relationships have been created outside the app!
  13. B.J. Is talking about @dfly!
  14. "Structured self-expression" that's what @list is.
  15. Personal lists where people are vulnerable are the most popular.
  16. And the moderator ends on The Office.
  17. Congrats, guys!
    They dropped heart, passion, knowledge, and handsome on the stage. Nice job!
  18. Dude next to me asked why I was taking so many photos.
    Because, bitch, those are my people up there!