These are the approved topics for all new ListApp beginners. Do not stray or you will be chased out of here and straight back to Facebook.
  1. One Direction
  2. The Office
  3. Pop culture, ranked
  4. Your love of celebrities on this app
  5. ⬆️And make sure you @ them in every single list you do so you know they know who you are and just how much you love them
    @ them in all lists, not just on lists that only have to do with them. Throw in their name somehow. THEY LOVE IT AND ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS.
  6. Your love of this new forum. Make sure to @ BJ, Dev, Nicholas, and Jeremy. They love it, too.
  7. Who your favorite ListAppers are and who you're crushing on
  8. The millennial struggle
    It's real.
  9. The late teen struggle
    Also very real.
  10. Favorite restaurants in a particular city
  11. Anything super personal and/or embarrassing
    If it makes you sick before you hit publish, it's acceptable.
  12. Online dating struggles + the horrible photos men use in their profiles
    You are allowed to make fun of the photos.
  13. Cute animals
  14. FYI Approved emojis are: 💯🙌🏼👏🏼🔥😬💾😘❤️
    Don't get carried away though. Use your words.
  15. That's it. Now have fun and list away! Don't forget to chase the famous people away, I mean @ them in every post. 😉