From the drafts 📂. This one goes out to my Bravo-loving boo, @shanaz! It's my 300th list, also. For @andycohen, my other boo, too.
  1. Have you released a mediocre, yet mildly catchy song?
  2. Have you written a book that's part self-help, part autobiographical?
  3. Do you wear statement necklaces?
  4. Do you have a closet full of taffeta and satin cocktail dresses?
  5. Do you own at least one caftan?
  6. Do you wear 6" Louboutins everywhere, even on the beach or in a desert?
  7. Are you working on a lifestyle brand? Maybe just a toaster oven?
  8. Are you having marital troubles after proclaiming to have the best relationship ever?
  9. Are you going through a divorce?
  10. Do you bicker constantly with your friends and acquaintances?
  11. Do you have a flair for the dramatics?
  12. Do you have a jewelry line? A clothing line that no one can buy?
  13. Do you have regularly scheduled Botox and Juvaderm appointments?
  14. Have you written a cookbook of family recipes?
  15. Is your favorite drink Pinot Grigio or a dirty martini?
  16. Do you have dinner parties that become WWIII?
  17. Does everyone wonder where all of your money comes from?
  18. Are you always tardy for the party?