It's a peculiar life & one that not everyone understands unless they are one. I really started trying to understand it about 5 years ago when someone introduced me to the Enneagram personality test & it all started to click. These are my thoughts & observations based on myself & other creatives I've been around. I'm not an expert though. #DRAFTUARY
  1. It was easy to feel like we didn't belong in our family, feeling like no one got us.
    We're just different.
  2. Deep down, I think what all creatives are looking for is a way to communicate - whether it's through music, art, writing, etc.
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    It's finding that sweet spot in the middle of narcissism and self-doubt. And also figuring out our avenue and our pace that makes us happy.
  3. Whatever medium it is, it's our way of feeling heard.
  4. Sometimes it's an insatiable need.
  5. We also walk a fine line between wanting to hide and wanting to be heard/needing to communicate.
  6. We have a plethora of insecurities.
  7. We're pretty sensitive.
  8. We're self-aware.
  9. We live in our own vortex, in our own mind which is swirling with ideas that make sense to us, but possibly not to you.
    But if you try to step into that world, you can learn a lot about us. Just try to give a listen.
  10. We're evolving balls of insight combined with a bit of childishness.
    And like above, it makes sense to us.
  11. We can seem weird and strange to other people.
    We're not the most conventional people out there. Plus, the things that come out of our mouths can come across as odd to others.
  12. Sometimes we isolate ourselves.
    We need the space to be creative while also limiting the outside input of everything around us. Too much stimuli is not good at times.
  13. But, we're often more creative when we surround ourselves with other creatives.
    We gravitate and do our best with others like us.
  14. We need people, but we also need solitude.
  15. We can me moody af.
    We just are.
  16. We're highly sexual.
    But some lean towards celibacy when they're deep into their creative space.
  17. We fluctuate between high energy and needing to tap out to recharge.
  18. We're prone to things like anxiety and depression.
  19. Anything I've left off? Feel free to add.