Bob Ross' Glorious Hair Helmet Can Now Be Seen on Youtube Making Monday That Much Better

If you've gone through life without this man and his perfectly coifed head of hair staring at you while he paints happy little trees on TV, you've missed out!
  1. Who's Bob Ross you ask?
    Just a fixture on PBS that taught us all the "Joy of Painting".
  2. 13 priceless videos are now on YouTube meaning we can all learn to paint those happy little trees with him again.
  3. Because who doesn't want to paint like this????
  4. And this?
  5. From the master
  6. Does it get better than this?
  7. Oh yes it does!
  8. So bust out your brushes!
  9. And your hair comb
  10. Cause BR is about to drop some knowledge.
  11. Don't forget, "Talk to the tree, make friends with it."