Celebrity Perfumes and What I Imagine They Smell Like

  1. Beyonce Heat
    Like that intoxicating smell of a permanent marker with the cap off - the one you keep wafting in front of your nose killing brain cells one sniff at a time.
  2. JLo Glo
    Like walking into your favorite Italian restaurant and getting hit with that roasted garlic smell.
  3. Katy Perry Purr
    Like lollipops and rainbows of sweet cotton candy.
  4. Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy
    Like the smell of dried sweat on your skin an hour after you worked out hard. Plus the baby powder you layered on top to cover up the swear smell.
  5. Taylor Swift Taylor
    Like unicorn farts.
  6. Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose
    Like the inside of your Converse sneakers after wearing them all summer with no socks.
  7. Jennifer Aniston
    Like the salty ocean water you accidentally and unexpectedly swallow when a big wave hits you.
  8. Celine Dion Sensational
    Like the taste of sticky hairspray you accidentally get in your mouth when spraying your hair.
  9. Jessica Simpson
    Like under boob sweat mixed with barely traceable notes of Bath & Body Works body soap on a hot summer's day.
  10. Kim Kardashian
    Like money. The kind that's been in circulation a few months too long.
  11. Mary J Blige My Life
    Like honey-laced hot tea on your sore throat when you're sick. And dreams.