I could go on for days, but I won't. This is plenty. @LeahG - I hope you're watching - 1000!
  1. Scoop up an A-List actor's underwear off the floor and into my pocket so a journalist didn't spot it.
  2. Asked to grab a singer's junk while recording because he was having trouble hitting a higher note.
    I did it and it worked. We made magic that day, people.
  3. Shock a guitar player when he went into a guitar solo because he'd played it over and over for hours and just couldn't get it.
    Long story and it worked.
  4. Shove an actress/actor's vibrator in my bag so a journalist and photographer wouldn't spot it.
  5. Bail people out of jail.
  6. Drive 7 hours because a band forgot their merch.
  7. Hand sew the crotch of a singer's leather pants while he was wearing them.
  8. Go to multiple stores to buy about 20 boxes of Magnum condoms.
    Safe sex, you know.
  9. Drive a singer back and forth to his place repeatedly because he didn't have a license while he stared at me the whole way and kissed my cheek and sang love songs to me. All while trying to grope me.
    I was 16 and 17 and he was 26 and 27. Super appropriate. I still love him though and we're still friends.
  10. Fake laugh and clap for TV shows.
  11. Rub a naked man down with oil.
    No complaints.
  12. Lay in 2 married A-List actress/actor's bed to get the right photo.
    It felt super weird.
  13. Repeatedly drive one of the cars leaving a famous person's house to confuse the paparazzi.
    Oftentimes with the famous person in my MINI Cooper instead of the other fancy cars.
  14. Buy pregnancy tests for people.
  15. Buy stuff to cure lice.
  16. Make a doctor's appointment under my name because a certain musician got crabs and didn't want to make their own appointment.